Bail Bonds

Types of Bail Bonds

There are several different types of bail bonds available. Contact the professionals at Treadwell Bail Bonds to inquire about your options of bail once the amount has been set at the bail hearing.

In the Sampson – Duplin – Pender – Bladen Counties and surrounding areas, Treadwell Bail Bonds offer the lowest rates available and can help 24/7.

Cash Bail
A cash bail bond is precisely that, where the defendant pays in cash. The defendant can pay a percentage of the full amount to the bail bonds services in cash or can pay the court the full amount of bail in cash. Sometimes a court may even allow a defendant to pay with a check or credit card.

Release of Citation 
This is also knows as a Cite- Out. A release of citation bail is when an officer issues a citation rather than arresting a defendant. The citation requires the defendant to appear in court on a scheduled date. This occurs in rare cases and depends on the crime.

Release of Own Recognizance
A judge will choose to release a defendant on his or her own recognizance, meaning the defendant is responsible for showing up for scheduled court dates and does not have to pay bail. However, this only happens when the alleged charge is a minor nonviolent crime and if the defendant is not considered dangerous or a flight risk to the court.

Property Bail
The defendant must present the court property to act as a bond. The court gets a lien on the property in the amount of the bail. If the defendant does not appear for scheduled court date, the court can foreclose on property to recover the forfeited bond. For example, if the defendant is a homeowner, they can offer their home as a property bail if the home equity is equal to the amount of the bail determined by the judge during the bail hearing.

Call The Experts
If you or someone to you know has been arrested and needs to post bail, contact the experts at Treadwell Bail Bonds today at 910-385-6498.

Treadwell Bail Bonds provide service for all drug related offenses, traffic arrests and drunk driving DUI/DWI offenses, spousal abuse and domestic violence charges, prostitution solicitation charges and all felonies and misdemeanors.

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